Monday, February 22, 2010

Hhhmmm im new on this thinggg

Heyy Heyy thereee,its me Jayyy and i wanna get into this blogging thing because i like to talk a lot lol.As of right now i am watching 'The Buried Life'.These boys is sexy,but don't get this shit twisted I'm into girls.I'm sooo retired on boys because i know their game cuz duhhh i do the same shit.In case no one really knows how i view the world and myself i would honestly say that I'm a 'Man in a Woman body' i don't even say I'm Gay,i say "I like girls".Whenever i would even hook up with a boy i felt so fucking gay. Like doing that is a 'SIN'.I cant do it.Its just plain wrong to me lol. So sorry boys =/.Um so lemme tell you about my day,well the good parts of it.I went to Cohens Optical and lemme tell you this shit! I have a double Astigmatism...shakin my head in shame lol i cant see shit and so now i have to have glasses that are kinda like sunglasses or something? I have Asian eyes so it makes it worst lol and a lazy eye,no one knows about that as much but just don't stare at me too hard i just might slap you haha so don't okay? lol DUDE! The fuckin Lady who was giving me a check up deff had a thing for me because she was all up in my grill.I felt violated like really. She kept whispering in my ear and I'm like uhhhh and she kept playing in my hair like she loved me lmao it was sooooo weird.After that i went to Mikey D's and got some nuggets i asked for 2 orders of em and she gave me one! I'm madd! i wanted to cut her loll.Then later on Morales came over my house and we were gossiping and of course watching Silent Library ahaha i hated them stupid girls on there they don't know how to shut the fuck up lol do ya not want money or what!? I cudda used that for V-Necks lol. As of now I'm pretty tired.I know I'm not going to bed until tomorrow,i dont sleep loll OH SHIT My life as Liz is on I'm gunna sign off now.Hope you guys enjoyed this Blog <3
Love you allll

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